Regretting The Past

Regretting The Past Kid Rock Devil Thumbnail

Don’t listen to Devil Without A Cause.  Or Kid Rock in general.


The results don’t vary.  Everyone thinks this album is a big pile of Durst.


If by “Save” they really meant “Remove Ourselves From” then yeah they totally saved rock and roll.

Regretting The Past Buckcherry 15 Thumbnail

Chuck Berry is rolling in his grave right now and he’s not even dead. Regretting The Past with Buckcherry’s 15!

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Yeah, they took a risk.  An awkward, embarrassing, boring risk. Please Like, Comment, and Subscribe! = You can watch my review of Megadeth’s “Dystopia” here = You can …


What’s brown, sticky and smells? If you answered feces or this album then you are correct!