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Calluna & I watch what the wild west was really like! Click here to subscribe to Calluna!

Calluna & I watch what it was like to grow up as a fly white guy in the late 90’s.

The Dom & I watch a nice video about a lovely woman who is definitely NOT a witch!

The Dom & I find out why parenting a child in the 80’s was brutal!

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The Horror Guru & I watch the members of Foo Fighters try to outdo Eddie Murphy for most costume change roles in a video!

The Horror Guru & I realize that Iowa is the scariest place on Earth!

The Last Angry Geek & I watch the journey of the little milk carton that could.

The Last Angry Geek & I watch the greatest $5 one-ring circus ever. Check out The Last Angry Geek’s channel by clicking here =

The Last Angry Geek & I discover what this British metalcore band is missing…and it turns out to be a trumpet fetus!   Check out The Last Angry Geek’s Channel …